Tea Lights & other fun things

Make Your Own Tea Lights

candlesCreate your own natural long lasting tea lights using all natural vegetable waxes or beeswax and non-lead North American made wicks. Great for your essential oil diffuser or where ever a little candle light is needed.

small tea light holds approximately 14 grams of wax
large tea light holds approximately 18 grams of wax

Tea LightsTo make loose pellet or flake type candles:
1) Cut wick to just slightly higher than the tea light cup.
2) place wick tab at the bottom of tea light cup
3) fill tea light with pellets or flakes.

CAUTION!!! Never leave lit candle unattended.

To make poured tea lights:
1) Cut wick to just slightly higher than the tea light cup.
2) Place wick tab at the bottom of tea light cup. Place a chop stick on either side of the wick resting on the top edge of the tea light, this will keep wick in the middle of the cup.
Or, melt a bit of wax and pour into bottom of cup. Place in wick and hold until wax solidifies, this will act as a glue to hold wick in place.
3) Heat bead or flake in a microwaveable glass measuring cup just until wax melts.
4) Fill tea light with melted bead or flakes and allow to cool.

Beeswax Pellets

Beeswax has a long burn time, a very aromatic wax, and holds scent well
Burn temperatures are good for heating Essential oil diffuser pot.

Loose pellet form burn time:
Small tea light: 4.5 hours
Large tea light: 7 hours

Palm Kernel Flakes

Palm kernel flakes more commonly used for soap and body care products. They can also be used to make vegetable candles due to high wax content.
It creates a long, low temperature burn and is the most economical of the three choices.

Loose flake form burn time:
Small tea light: 6 hours
Large tea light: 8 hours

Stearic Acid Wax Flakes

soap/candle grade

Stearic acid wax, derived from soybeans, makes an excellent vegetable based candle. It is an inexpensive and easy to use wax. Do not use the skin care grade of this wax for candle making.

Loose flake form burn time:
Small tea light: 3.5 hours
Large tea light: 5 hours

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