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embedded natural soap bar











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There are limitless techniques that can take handmade soap beyond the simple bar. In this section we will explore adding existing soap pieces to a new batch. This involves adding pieces of multi coloured soap to a batch of white soap. Many different patterns can be revealed when the soap is finished and cut.

You should have a good understanding of basic soap making before trying these techniques. For more information and step by step soap instructions, click here.

Embedded Bar Soap

Embedded Bar Soap

soapmaking supplies are readyHere are some of the tools we will be using. In addition to the oils and lye to make your soap, either from scratch or with one of our kits, you will need a mould (square or loaf shaped), a small amount of oil or shortening, freezer paper or waxed paper to line the mould, a cutting board, large knife, plastic wrap, and some extra multi-coloured soap pieces. You may also need soap making tools such as a thermometer, spatulas, measuring spoon, measuring cups, old towel or small blanket for insulating, scale etc...


blue soap blockcutting green block of soapFor this technique, we will cut long square or triangular shaped bars from a block of soap. First we made a soap and added indigo root powder for a deep blue colour. We added more indigo than usual as we planned to add pieces to other soaps. The green bar on the right was coloured with alfalfa powder. We don't allow these colour blocks to cure or harden excessively. This keeps them soft and easier to cut. 

arranging soap bars

Advanced Soap Techniques at HomeI. The mould was greased with shortening then lined with wax paper. Plastic wrap or freezer paper are also good lining materials.


ready for soapHere is a close-up of the bars arranged in the mould ready for soap.
pouring traced soap mixture into soap moldOnce your soap has traced, add essential oils and fixatives (if required) then gently and slowly pour in and around the bars in the mould. If a few of the bars move (see below), use a spatula or stainless steel spoon to nudge them back into location.pour into soap mold Cover the soap with plastic wrap and insulate with towels. 
cutting soap After the soap neutralizes, it can be removed from the mould and cut into bars. Use a large knife with a smooth thin blade. A Sushi knife works well due to it's narrow profile. Allow these bars 3 weeks to cure (dry) before using. This will allow the excess moisture to evaporate and make them a long lasting bar.cut on angle The block can also be cut on an angle to reveal many different patterns.

beautiful handmade soap bars, naturalMulti coloured bars ready to be finish trimmed then racked and cured!


Here is a recipe for a good all around white soap if you prefer to make it from scratch. If using one of our kits, we recommend the Perfect Blend (included in our Soap Kit) or the Cocoa Butter Blend.

Basic Soap Formula 1.4kg


Temperatures & Times

598 g
296 g
30 g
58 g
150 g
368 ml

Coconut Oil
Vegetable Shortening
Avocado Oil
Lye (6% discount)
Distilled Water

Oil Temperature
Lye/Water Temperature
Cure Time
Trace Time
Mould Time

55C (130F)
55C (130F)
3 Weeks
15 Minutes
24 Hours

More Soap Techniques: Part 3

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