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natural body care recipes, soap making recipes, how to make your own body care

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Cranberry Lane’s Skin & Body Care Recipe section
> Table of Contents

At Cranberry Lane we have always been committed to providing you are customers with the highest quality natural body & skin care products, supplies and tried and true recipes possible. This collection of skin and body care recipes is the result of years of research and significant resources to make sure all of our information is as accurate as possible. We test all of our recipes and skin care products to ensure the highest quality, this saves you time and money.

With your continued support and patronage we will continue to invest in research and develop new skin and body care recipes and provide the best natural ingredients nature has to offer.

We hope you enjoy this collection of recipes. Please feel free to share these wonderful recipes with your friends and family.

Note to Instructors: Please feel free to share these recipes with your students, we just ask that credit is given to the authors (Cranberry Lane) and that the material not be reproduced in any commercial publication without prior authorization.
All information is the property of Cranberry Lane and is not to be used for commercial purposes.

Recipe Table of Contents
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Face Care:
Facial Oil and Spray
Facial Masks
Face Creams
Face Lotions
Face Cleansers and Face Toners

Lip Balm
Body Care:
Salt Glow
Sea Mud body mask
Aloe Vera Body Lotion
Tooth Paste and Mouth wash
Lotion Bars

Hand & Body Salve
Foot Care
Summer Recipes

Hair Care:

Liquid Shampoo

Bath Products:
Bath salts
Tub Tea
Soap Making Instructions:
Basic Soap Making for starters
Soap Making Advanced Techniques 1
Soap Making Advanced Techniques 2
Soap Making
Advanced Techniques 3
Soap Making Recipes:
Soap Making Basics (step by step)
Soap recipe additives

Soap Formulations (pdf)
Liquid Soap and Body Washes:
Liquid Soap
Body Wash & Recipes
House Cleaning:
House powder
Fresh air spray
Antibacterial surface cleaner
Laundry soap
Pet Care Recipes:
Pet soap
Carpet shake
Tea Lights & other fun things:
Makeup Recipes:
Natural Foundation

Natural Lip Colour
Tips and Helpful Hints:
to be announced
Terms and Definitions:
To be announced

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