Natural Soap Finished Product


Cranberry Lane’s line of all
natural soaps are hand made in small batches to ensure that our
natural soaps are consistent in quality. Our soap bars are made using a
combination of natural plant based oils such as coconut oil, palm oil,
castor oil and olive oil. We also add a combination of ground herbs and
flowers such as lavender, rose petals as well as orange blossoms. Only
pure essential oils are used to scent our natural soap bars, thus giving
it a true sense of purity. We also provide "essential oil free" soap
bars such as our Classis Castile soap bar as well as our shampoo soap
bar for the hair. Natural Soap Finished Product


Our line of natural soap bars includes:

classic castile natural soap

chocolate mint natural soap

citrus sensation natural soap

denim suds natural soap

desert bloom natural soap

lavender lust natural soap

winter mint natural soap

tea tree natural soap

marble natural soap

gardener’s natural soap

wild oat and ginger natural soap

natural shampoo bar


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classic castile soap
chocolate mint soapcitrus sensation soapdenim suds soapdesert bloom soap

lavender lust soap
winter mint soap barmarble soap bargardener's soap bar\oat and ginger soap bar

of our natural hand made soap bars)





rief history on natural
soap making

Until the early 1900’s, much of the soap used was made at home. Fats
from cooking and butchering were saved until there was enough to make a
batch of soap. This all changed in 1916 when a shortage of fats (a main
ingredient in soap) occurred during World War I. As an alternative was
needed, enterprising companies developed the first synthetic soaps
called detergents. Natural Soap Finished Product

With a wide variety of oils available today, natural hand made soaps are
once again very inexpensive, and a good choice for those concerned about
quality, health related benefits, and the environment.

Successful soap making today is a result of a much better understanding
of chemistry, experience, and a wider variety of ingredients to choose
from. Today’s soaps are milder and better for skin thanks to the
availability of vegetable and plant based oils.
Chemically speaking, soap is a salt. An acid and a base react with one
another and are neutralized to form a salt or soap. A more basic
explanation is: oils or fats combine with Sodium Hydroxide or “Lye” in a
process called saponification to produce soap.

Hand made soap retains extra glycerin, known to soften the skin
naturally. Glycerin is one of the best known humecants (attracts
moisture to the skin). It is often extracted during the process of
manufacturing commercially made soap, then sold as a valuable
by-product. Natural ingredients are rarely used in commercially
manufactured soap. If used at all, it is sparingly. One of the best
advantages of using natural and hand made soap bars is that the quality
is consistent as a result of the smaller batch sizes. Only healthy
natural ingredients are used within our soaps, thus making it a true
collection of all natural soap bars.



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