Natural Hair Care


If you want healthy looking
hair that shines and does not "dry out" at the end of the day, the
simplest and easiest method to accomplish that is to expose your hair to
natural hair care ingredients that contain hair’s necessities.
Cranberry Lane’s line of All Natural Hair Care are the result of a
formulation that combines the finest of natural ingredients such as
herbal extracts, pure essential oils, plant based oils as well as
moisturizing butters such as cocoa butter and shea butter. All of these
natural ingredients contain properties that are beneficial for the hair.


Our natural hair care
regime includes:

natural shampoos,

natural conditioners,

natural hair styling gel



all of the
above natural hair care products are only available through our
online store
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Get Real by Cranberry Lane Natural Skin Care and Hair Care

(A few of
Cranberry Lane’s Natural Skin Care and Hair Care Product Line)






Natural Shampoo

GET REAL by Cranberry Lane has unscented and essential oils-scented natural shampoos that will gently cleanse your hair while at the
same time maintaining your hair’s moisture. Both have Pro vitamin B5, which moisturizes the scalp, helps to soften hair, and prevents broken/split ends, and Aloe, which
helps to counter the stress hair is exposed to everyday, as well as to
protect, hydrate, and relax your hair.


Natural Conditioner

GET REAL by Cranberry Lane has both essential oil-scented and unscented natural conditioners that will moisturize and protect your hair without weighing hair down. GET REAL Conditioners are enriched with Jojoba oil, Vitamin B5, Soy Protein and a blend of herbal extracts to give hair shine and body. Natural Hair Care Finished Products


Natural Hair Gel

Why not style your hair
and nourish it at the same time? Cranberry Lane’s natural Hair Gel is a
perfect way to style and sculpt your hair without using any chemicals
that could harm your hair. Contains Wheat Protein, which gives your hair
extra protection, shine and body. It also contains Aloe, Pro vitamin B5,
and Peppermint essential oil. All of these natural hair care ingredients
work to keep your hair looking healthy. Natural Hair Care Finished Products


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