Melt & Pour Soapmaking

Extremely thorough and beautifully designed, Melt & Pour Soapmaking features dozens of luscious soap projects, with directions explicit enough for the novice and ideas sophisticated enough for the practiced soap maker. Accomplished craft designer Marie Browning (author of Beautiful Handmade Natural Soaps) explores a wide variety of technique variations, from chunk style and layered to additives, embeds, embossing, and hand milling. Slice a marbled soap at angles for the look of rock crystal; make delicate petal slivers using a silk rose petal as a mold; blend fragrance oils to yield the scent of sea mist or the power of Zen spice. Besides all the tempting bars, balls, and molded shapes, there are recipes for bath salts, massage oils, sachets, potpourris, and dusting powder. Pamper yourself with these indulgent creations, or if you can bear to give some away, follow the lovely packaging ideas or assemble gift-giving collections of related items. –Amy Handy

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