Get Real Natural Face Care


Having a healthy looking face that glows depends largely on the amount of natural vitamins,
nutrients and nourishments you provide to your face regularly as part of
a face care routine. The ideal method of applying this face care routine
is by using face care products that are rich in natural ingredients
perfect for the face.

Cranberry Lane’s line of all natural face care products are the result of a formulation that combines the
finest of natural ingredients such as herbal extracts, pure essential
oils, plant based oils as well as moisturizing butters such as cocoa
butter and shea butter. By using these healthy ingredients in our face
care line, we offer a collection of truly unique face care products
that will nourish and protect your face, keeping it radiant and alive.
We have products for any skin type including normal skin, dry skin,
sensitive skin and oily skin.


Natural Face Cleansers

Natural Face Toners

Natural Face Cream

Natural Face Serum

Natural Collagen Creams

 Natural Gel Exfoliator


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Get Real by Cranberry Lane Natural Skin Care and Hair Care

Cranberry Lane GET REAL natural product line


 Foaming Cleanser and Cleansing Milk

The face is an important step in taking care of your skin. Cleansing
helps to remove any excess skin oils or dirt that has accumulated
throughout the day or night. Cranberry Lane’s GET REAL natural face cleansers are
effective, yet gentle enough not to disturb the skin’s natural moisture
balance. They help to maintain a healthy complexion, and are a perfect
addition to your face care 

Face Toners

It is important to use a toner after washing your face. It helps to return
your skin to its proper pH. This is important because it can take your
skin up to six hours to return to its proper pH level without the help
of a toner. Keeping the skin at its natural pH allows it to function at
its optimum level. Face toners get rid of any left behind dirt and oil,
and they allow moisturizers to penetrate more effectively and so are a vital step in
any face care routine. Cranberry Lane’s GET REAL face toners contain herbal
extracts that add additional vitamins and fatty acids that are essential to
having a radiant and healthy complexion.

Moisturizing Face Creams

It is important to moisturize your face as part of your face care routine
since restoring lost moisture and hydrating the skin helps to slow down
the skin’s aging process. A cream is an excellent option for a face moisturizer.
In many cases, drier skin types will prefer the more emollient texture of a
cream over a lotion. Cranberry Lane’s GET REAL natural face creams contain
Vitamin E, which helps protect the skin from harmful “free radicals”,
such as those caused by pollution.

Face Serums

Using a face serum is one of the most powerful ways to see fast dramatic results.
Serums are generally formulated with a lightweight texture so they can penetrate
quickly and effectively into the skin. Serums are excellent for all skin
types to boost the skin’s function. It is designed for use after cleansing and
toning the face, and before moisturizing as part of your daily face care routine.
Cranberry Lane’s GET REAL natural face serum is rich in vitamins and nutrition to
nourish your skin from the outside in.

Anti-Aging Collagen Face Creams

For those who want to help fight the signs of aging,
Cranberry Lane’s GET REAL anti-aging Collagen
face cream is an excellent option.

Face Exfoliators

 Facial exfoliators are essential to keep skin soft and glowing. They help
slough off dead skin cells keeping pores clear. This sloughing action
also smoothes and clarifies the face’s complexion. An exfoliator is a great
pick-me-up for tired, dull looking skin. It is also a good way to deal
with rough or flaky skin. Cranberry Lane’s natural face exfoliators
contain Jojoba Micro Beads which is gentle enough
to use everyday as part of your face care routine.


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