Daily Deodorant Cream – 100% Natural Daily Deodorant Cream

Daily Deodorant Cream


Step One:
30ml Daily Deodorant Tincture
1 Tbsp Stearic Acid wax (skin grade)
1 tsp Soy wax blend
Heat all above ingredients together until wax has melted. Use microwave (use glass container only for microwave) or stove top (only stainless steel pot for stove)

Step 2:
1 Tbsp Daily Deodorant Powder
30ml Witch Hazel
25 drops Daily Deodorant EO blend

Remove mixture in step one from heat and add the powder. Blend with electric hand blender until cool and smooth. Add Witch Hazel and Essential oils and blend well. Pour into glass or plastic wide mouth jar. Store in a cool location.

Shelf life approximately 6 months

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