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Cranberry Lane was founded in 1994 by Lisa and Kent Gravelle. We are Canada’s first and largest supplier of natural soapmaking and bodycare ingredients. We are proud to be pioneers in developing and creating an alternative to commercially made products. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for consumers to invent their own high quality natural soaps, cleansers, lotions, pet care products and household cleaners without the use of synthetic chemicals, animal products or testing. 100% Natural Body and Skin Care About Cranberry Lane

Company Founders

Founders of Cranberry Lane 100% NaturalLisa Gravelle, seen here with Jill Krop, BCTV host, is the creator of Cranberry Lane. She has been making natural body care products since 1986 . Having a background in natural cosmetic and organic chemistry has enabled her to develop many unique formulas. Since 1994 her natural body care classes have been taught throughout the lower mainland continuing education systems in greater Vancouver. Today she heads up the research and development team for the company. Kent Gravelle, a graduate of engineering technology in manufacturing and design, manages website and systems development.

TV Show: Shopping Bags – 100% Natural Body and Skin Care About Cranberry Lane

Cranberry Lane FoundersThe Women’s Television Network (WTN) recently visited our store. The Shopping Bags Anna Wallner interviews Lisa Gravelle on the process of soapmaking and natural ingredients. The Shopping Bags in a show designed to help women make better purchasing decisions. The recipe Lisa’s demonstrated is outlines in the table below. She added Indigo root powder for the wonderful natural blue color as well as a Lavender Blend of essential oils we call “Lavender Lust”. For detailed soapmaking instructions, click here. Watch the show airing the week of March 18th.

Basic Cranberry Lane Soap Formula

Raw ingredients & Formulas

Every ingredient we purchase must fit the following criteria:

Be natural in origin, contain no petroleum ingredients, contain no harmful ingredients such as Arsenick or Lead. Not be derived from an animal source. Whenever possible be grow organically

All our suppliers are required to submit detailed chemical analysis statements with each and every product that that we carry. 100% Natural Body and Skin Care About Cranberry Lane
All formulas are rigorously tested, (on humans) to ensure that they are functional, safe and effective. Although we make every effort to ensure that our formulas and products are safe and effective we can not be held responsible for damage caused through the for misuse of any of our products or formulas. All products and formulas are for consumer use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

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